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    A Mobile Video Marketplace

    A leading programmatic mobile video marketplace

    Among top 20 platforms in terms of audience reach in the US | Open Auction/RTB Direct/Guaranteed Managed Services | Mobile Web, Mobile App, All Devices & OS


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  • Mobile-first programmatic buying and selling platform built from the ground up for mobile video advertising

    150 million+ unique users in US

    Integration with leading DSPs and SSPs

    Complete Transparency

    comScore vCE, Nielsen mOCR

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For Brands

Scale, transparency & quality inventory for your Mobile Video Ad needs

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Unlock the true potential of your mobile inventory with industry leading eCPMs & Fill Rates
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Patent-pending technology that enables serving video ads across mobile and apps

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  • .VDO Technology

    It achieves 3 powerful aspects


    Industry standard mobile video ad formats, with consumer in full control


    Enables mobile video ad delivery on quality sites and apps, with ease and effectiveness

    User Choice

    Our ​advanced units with ​user​-​initiated video ​features protect and enhance the users’viewing experience

  • Vdopia Advantages



    Potential Reach of over 150 Million unique Mobile users



    Specific audience or channels backed by brand safety & viewability guarantee.



    Premium Video inventory backed by Audience Verification solutions.

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