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Vdopia Mobile Insights - Telecom Report (US)

United States, Q3, 2014 

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77% of telecom mobile ad spend went to video and rich media ads. For the report, Vdopia analyzed telecom mobile ad campaigns that ran in the last year on Vdopia's network with a global reach of 330 million. Companies involved include AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Verizon FiOS, T-Mobile Wireless and Sprint Wireless, among others

The report also reveals that launching a new mobile device or a new data plan was the primary campaign objective for most telecom campaigns (35% of campaigns) followed by discount/offers (29%) and product promotion (27%). Interestingly, brand awareness was the desired objective in only 9 percent of campaigns.

The latest report comes with infographics highlighting key findings. The VMI Series takes an in-depth look at the mobile advertising ecosystem, including data related to mobile advertising trends, habits, and more. The report compiles supporting data from Nielsen, comScore and eMarketer among others, such as:


  • 34% of smartphone owners recall seeing an ad on their smartphones
  • African American Millennials (18-24) spend 4 hours monthly consuming Video on their smartphones, much higher than Caucasians (2 hrs 48 min) and Hispanics (3 hrs 11 min)
  • More than 5 million consumers of the top 4 wireless carriers in Q2, 2014left for a new carrier



Vdopia Mobile Insights - Entertainment Report (UK)

United Kingdom, Q2, 2014 

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Through this report, we look at the latest industry trends on entertainment consumption on smartphones. We have also monitored enter tainment campaigns on the Vdopia UK network for the past 12 months and identified key trends that shall offer our clients comprehensive perspective in pursuing and developing mobile marketing strategies


Key highlights of the report include:

• Over a year, Vdopia analysed entertainment mobile ad campaigns viewed by 23 million people in the UK and found the share of banner ads dropped from 14% to 4% in just six months. Video and rich media formats now account for 96%.
• Almost 23 million1 Britons view entertainment content via smartphones, they’re over 40%1 more likely to recall ads than the average smartphone owner, while the sector accounts for 15%2 of UK smartphone app time – behind only social and games
• The Video Performance Index (VPI) – a measure of the effectiveness of video ads by completion and click through rates – shows that 10 second ads are 65% more effective than the average video ad
• The report also reveals that the share of campaigns involving multiple video ads, rather than just one version, more than doubled in six months from 16% to 34%.



Vdopia Mobile Insights - Entertainment Report

United States, Q2, 2014 

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The entertainment industry is a diverse industry covering a wide range of sectors like TV, home entertainment, movies, live events & concerts and digital goods companies. In the US, the audience for entertainment content is large and growing at a rapid rate, thanks to Smartphones and Tablets, which provide anytime-anywhere access to a variety of entertainment content. Smartphones advertising has a significant impact on the way that consumers interact with various forms of entertainment. 
Key highlights of the report include:
• 62% of smartphone owners are comfortable with 15-30 seconds commercial if they get to stream TV/movies for free on their smartphones. This is interesting considering only 56% computer/laptop audience and 51% of connected TV audiences are comfortable with commercials in exchange for free streaming on their devices.
• Using multiple creative executions in a single campaign proved to be a winning strategy for entertainment brands. Nearly 40% of total ad spend involved multiple customized ad creatives in a single campaign. Vdopia also saw a 51% increase in video views for campaigns with multiple ad creatives when compared to campaigns with single ad creative.
• 37% of ad impressions were targeted to a certain demographic, thus making demographic targeting the preferred form of segmenting users. Device targeting was the next most-used form of targeting users as entertainment advertisers asked consumers to download songs from stores which are different for iOS, Android or Windows smartphone users.
• Americans now average 33 minutes each day watching videos on their smartphones.
• 162 million smartphone owners in the U.S. and Canada went to a movie theatre in 2013. 




Vdopia Mobile Insights - Multicultural Marketing Report

United States, Q1, 2014

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Vdopia Mobile Insights - Multicultural


Focusing on African Americans and Hispanics, the report takes an in-depth look at the mobile advertising ecosystem, including data related to mobile advertising trends, habits, spending power and more. It shows the importance of multicultural marketing for mobile advertisers, with African Americans and Hispanics showing tremendous growth in population and spending power. The report also emphasizes the significance of accounting for these cultural groups’ unique attitudes and beliefs when implementing mobile video and rich media campaigns.

Key highlights of the report include:

• 303% growth in mobile video and rich media ad spend by advertisers targeting African Americans and 195% growth in advertisers targeting Hispanics in the past year on the Vdopia network.

• 60% of Hispanics and 43% of African Americans use their mobile phone as their primary device for accessing the internet.

• In 2013, the combined spending power of African Americans and Hispanics was more than $2 trillion in the US.

• 45% of Hispanic and 46% of African American smartphone users are between the ages of 18 and 34. Only 35% of Caucasians fall into this category.

• One-third of Hispanic smartphone owners belong to households with an annual income more than $75,000.

• 56% of African American smartphone users are in the South.

• 88% of African American and 85% of Hispanic smartphone users have bought online in the past six months.

• 34% of Hispanic and 32% of African American smartphone owners also own a tablet device.




Vdopia Mobile Insights - Automotive Industry Report

United States, Q3, 2013

Vdopia Mobile Insights - Automobile

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The automotive industry is now the third largest vertical in terms of mobile ad spend on the Vdopia network. This report provides an in-depth analysis of how automotive advertisers have embraced mobile video advertising to target consumers. Focusing on the US market, the report takes a detailed look at a broad spectrum of areas related to auto mobile advertising including demographics (age, gender, ethnicity), auto campaign objectives, type of vehicle advertised, targeting (geo, demo, behavioral) and advertiser type.

Key highlights of the report include:

• 160% growth in mobile video ad spend by auto advertisers

• 251% growth in mobile video ad impressions for the auto category

• Three-fold increase in the number of automotive campaigns

• 17.5 million smartphone owners are likely to purchase a vehicle in the next 6 months

• 54% of the mobile auto audience is Gen Y - between the ages of 18-34

• 51% of mobile auto searches result in a purchase 


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